April 20, 2007

Guess who's back...

Hello all! Am back!! Hardly any mails asking me why no new postings, where've I been? Though some of you did make enquires if I were feeling well or not...stop eyeing my DVD collection!! Makes me wonder how you'd have felt in my absence? Probably the only consolation you could have found in my immediate absence was the looming danger of my ultimate presence!

I was a little tied up with work; finishing a screenplay, developing some concept notes and a lot of other work that I have to do but can't find it in me to get around. These would include making some samples for future clients, dealing with a young entrepreneur who refuses to understand any point of view except his own, sorting out some new money generating business and filing my tax returns.

The samples are a demand made of me by new (& probably improved) clients after checking my profile out, going through numerous similar films I have done in the past and discussing the work with me in addition to appreciating my free advice! These, samples, are a part of the grand exercise to see if I am capable of doing the 'same' thing later for a price, which am sure would constitute as another glaring example of how grossly under-paid I really am!

With regards to my tax returns...I posses all the bills, papers, etc. but well...like most other things in my life they are in a state currently best described as mess! I met up with an accountant and trust me when he witnessed the state of my bills he asked me to file it according to date and bring it to him. This was four days before the deadline to file taxes. The accountant was kind enough to tell me that that government usually extends the date till end of August to file taxes. To think about it, I was convinced that accountants could put your miserable life back on track and these were just receipts I was talking about. So much for relief!

In the mean time please enjoy the blogs and continue to post comments.

I have a new offer here...every 15th nasty comment posted would win one kilo of Surf Excel for the publisher of the comment!

Mere liye na sahi to sirf surf ke liye hi sahi!

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