June 29, 2007

Aap Ka Surroor- the Moviee

I survived Aap Ka Surroor!

In case you wondering why the hell did I leave everything else to catch the first day first show of Himesh Reshamiya’s debut film, let me tell you that I’ve lost my head…not yet at least. I was to review the film for rediff.com

I was pleasantly surprised to see 80% attendance for a 10:30am show. Three people in the audience had Himesh songs as ring tones; there was a young man who came all alone to catch the real ‘luv’ story; people behind me knew details about HR’s personal life that I had no clue about. What does this tell you? That Himesh’s PR is good and should be congratulated.

The film is a prime example of how to cash on a success wave; it’s been two years since Himesh has been belting out hit pe hit pe hit. People have gotten so used to his nasal singing that everyone else sounds besur. Even though you might not think highly of Himesh but his tunes are catchy; some time ago I just couldn't get myself to stop whistling the title track of 36 China Town. People who have met him say that he comes across as a very straight forward kind of guy to deal with. Though Himesh must be definitely happy at the success that his hard work has bestowed upon him, it seems to be that perhaps he’s not enjoying it. Maybe he’s aware that this success comes with an expiry date and if he starts smiling and enjoying it maybe it will wear out. Maybe he’s dealing with great pains and he doesn’t know how to smile…what non-sense! This is exactly the success of his PR agency which is making us seemingly normal people think like loonies.

Aap Ka Surroor- the Moviee guaranteed to answer all these questions and doubts for it claimed to be the real ‘luv’ story. Well mostly it’s a load of crap with some real bad acting. Not that I was expecting the sky from Himesh when it came to acting but considering that he showed all his acting prowess in the music videos so there was hardly anything left. So what were they thinking? Could the film have been like Eminem's film 8 Mile? Well if Himesh's life was half as colorful as Eminem's or at least his baseball cap collection then perhaps yes!

Unlike most recent films at least the promos don’t reveal the entire story so there is more non-sense than what the producers proudly display in the trailers! If you have nothing else to do…my suggestion is sleep…don’t even go near the poster of Aap Ka Surroor…actually enjoy the poster!

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