July 12, 2007

Bus Stop

The recent spate of misdemeanors by the Blue Line buses has opened a new version of the same old can of worms. Many moons ago it was the Red Line series that killed people on a daily basis. The then government had this great idea of changing the Red to Blue and thought that'd set all wrongs right. Now Blue seems to have finally come of age and Red is a distant memory.

It's strange that this country is poised to become a superpower in a few years but we still have the same issues to deal with every five years. Though I have doubts about India becoming a super power and all that but these apprehensions are of a pure academic nature and concern the suggested time frame more than anything else. I can't figure out what's the rocket science in traveling from from Delhi to Gurgaon? Why does it have to be a struggle on a daily basis! Why does the Honorable Prime Minister of India confess to his British counterpart that he's lost his sleep over the fact that Indian doctors are blowing up airports while we loose sleep thanks to no electricity in a city that is labeled the Millennium City.

Coming back to the Bus issue, why are a bunch of idiots running the city's public transport? The transport mafia decides to color coordinate with a few politicians and the common man suffers. While Delhi CM suggested that
walking was better than taking a BlueLine, Delhi's transport minister claims that they are working according to a well chalked out plan. The spirit of Raj Kapoor's eternal Joker, currently residing within me, made me look at the funny side of all this. While Sheila Dikshit wants Delhi to have a perfect mix of old and modern, what she really meant was that walking at her age has many health benefits. And Mr. Transport Minister's well oiled plan starts with revoking the licenses of almost 600 buses without giving a real thought to some real alternatives for the real people on the streets!

While I suggest purple as an alternate choice, I can't help but wonder, what if these geniuses didn't really have a plan...?

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