July 16, 2007

Dead Ringers

As kids we all made excuses not to go to school; my mother recalls that in kindergarten I'd wail my lungs out, often insist that I'd rather become a sweeper, but refuse to go to school. My brother once watched TV non stop for 12 hours. This was in early 90's and satellite TV had just entered our bedrooms; he duly informed my parents that he couldn't open his eyes so he'd not be able to attend school; one whack from my mom and he could see everything. Everyone tried being one step ahead of the adult brain around but often failed.

Bet you never thought of this!

Scores of children attending a school in Patna have complained that ghosts are ordering them to reach school on time! This school is actually located in a Patna graveyard and the kids are refusing to go back to school till the matter is resolved. Some parents insist that this constant bickering by friendly neighborhood bhoots has started taking it's toll on children's sleep and health. The folks insists that this wasn't the case always and earlier they used to play together and finish their lunch boxes while sitting on top of the concrete graves but now the ghosts have started haunting them. They being the ghosts in case you got confused.

There is no real reason why this should happen but hey you never know. I suspect that the ghosts have now changed parties and being on the oppositions payroll could be the reason for resorting to such pranks. The officials claim that maybe the dead are not enjoying the noise inside the graveyard any more and while they continue to find a solution life goes on.

I, being the good Samaritan, have decided to do my bit. While the officials sort the land ownership issue this could be a great opportunity to make peace with our ghosts. I suggest Why Can't We Be Friends by The War as an ice breaker.

If that fails then I know a lawyer, a good one. So good that he'll even sue dead people.

I see dead people.
Cole Sear (The Sixth Sense)

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