July 20, 2007


I learnt driving very late by today's standards, I was 23 when I changed gears for the first time. The only one person who still has doubts about my exceptional driving skills is a friend of mine who kind of pushed me to learn driving. We were seeing each other and she'd always be the one who did the driving. Even now when we meet up and I happen to be driving she can't help but sneer and give me the eye. Once you learn how to drive, you can never really relax when someone else is driving the darn car. There are issues that crop up whenever the steering is in someone else's hands; your legs go crazy air-braking; you check the seat belt a million times...

The other day I was wondering why is that that many men consider women to be bad drivers? I would disagree with that popular notion. I think they are a little confused at times but that's got nothing to do with driving skills and everyone-men, women and dogs- has the right to be confused at some point in time. The point that I'm trying to make here is that if women are worse drivers as opposed to men then why is that men slam their BMW's, male actor's drive over people, boys from late night jobs run over innocent by-standers? Why is that one never wakes up to gory details of a late night car crash involving women drivers?

Perhaps the tendency to be super cautious while driving is what perpetuates the myth that women are bad drivers. I say it's OK for at least they just drive you nuts as opposed to driving over people!

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