July 31, 2007

Things Bite Back

The more you do things to make life easy, higher the chances of them getting complicated.

Look around and you'd notice glaring examples to substantiate the above.

The whole idea of ATM's was that people could just zoom in and zoom out with enough green to make the scene. No matter what time of the day or night I go to my ATM there are like 13 people in front of me and all of them get this brilliant idea to check the balance just when they are ahead of me.

If the idea of ATM was to ease the effort then how come the lines never end?

I have this 10 CD changer in my car (courtesy my father) and for some strange reason I just end up listening to a cassette, a combo of Vijay Anand classics- Guide/ Jewel Thief. I can load almost 730 minutes of music in those ten CDs, or I can upgrade to an MP3 compatible player (which my previous car had) or better still I could buy an I-Pod and increase the options ten fold. Perhaps it's the happiness that this car had a cassette player as opposed to my previous one that makes me sing along Yeh Dil Na Hota Bechara...?

Why does choice further confuse?

I tried to sort out the mess called 'My Folder' on my now-rarely-used-by-me-PC. Was I surprised to see 9 notepad files with different names but all suggesting Websites To Check Out. In all of the 16GB of disk space I dread to venture into the Sub-Folders.

Why does the hard drive capacity always seem little and yet overflow with mess?

A friend just returned from Italy and was kind enough to get me Moleskines. I feel so reassured now. But one look across my room and I'd discover writing pads of all shapes and sizes. Of course, they were meant for different purposes but is it surprising that in the last 8 months I have just finished one writing pad?

Why do I miss a writing pad when I need one and Why do I run out of thoughts to record when I have all the tools of trade at my behest?


Maybe I should just give up the thought of sorting things out; look what happened to Travis Bickle in Taxi Driver when he decided to get organizized...

Image Courtesy: www.xkcd.com

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