August 5, 2007


Cash is Anubhav’s Sinha’s follow-up to the action blockbuster Dus. I won’t bore you with details for there aren’t any and I’ll skip telling you about the plot for the film lacks one. By now you must have read tens of reviews which may have broken it to you that Cash=Trash. Well for the better part that is true. The film is about a bunch of people who are after three identical diamonds. These diamonds have a history behind them and everyone from independent buyers; Indian government, thieves and the Chinese mafia are after them. The third diamond turns up in South Africa and that’s where most of the action takes place. There are many players in this drama and most of it unfolds when the characters are not entering or exiting the screen in highly stylized movements. The plot can give competition to any slim wafer brand.

The film does have a few good moments but that’s all thanks to some funny scenes and nothing more. There are two action sequences that could have become the benchmark for action in Hindi cinema had the makers of the film not decided to indulge in some really bad animation. The characters oscillate between real and animation as if you were living your worst nightmare. Why would someone do that, I have no clue? The songs are not a patch on the frenzy title track of Dus save for the title track (lacks the zeal) and Mind Blowing Mahiya (nice song but no need for it!) I didn’t mind the confusing screenplay and bad acting and pathetic writing for I went in without any expectations. Imagine the film which is touted as a heist film doesn't have a single shot of the bloody diamonds that everyone is after. The only shot of the darned diamonds is an animation shot!

Cash reeks of self-indulgence on the part of the director and some really bad writing. Not that Dus was a great film but at least it had some coherence in the form of a wrapped screenplay (Yash-Vinay in either case). The film could have done without the animation and could have used some more light moments for they are the only things worth mentioning about the film. All the actors looks bored and seems like they realized midway that they are a part of something so trashy that they decided to enjoy a paid vacation in South Africa.

The only thing I liked about the film was the scene where conman Ajay is hanging from a bridge and his government official girlfriend, Shamita’s car breaks down and he helps her revive it. That was genuinely funny and of course I thought the camera work was good. The problem with films that are high on gloss is that gloss isn’t enough most of the times. Why is that people with all the resources at their disposal think that just by showing a few fancy cars zooming past and interesting locales would make up for the lack of everything else? The real problem is that people who make such films are very well aware of this little factoid but don’t bother to remember it.

I don’t know why they do that?

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