December 20, 2007

Your Pet Could Be Smarter Than You!

I don’t read health magazines as a principle. Flipping through the 100 odd pages something or other you do turns out to be bad for your health. I believe there ought to be a limit to the inventions, discoveries and creations. I don’t need a faster chip or a slower camera, a longer printer or a shorter credit card. I think if all sit and yak, I’m sure that we can reach a consensus and stop with the race to the finish line that keeps shifting by a few inches when you approach it.

I was flipping through the pages of a magazine called Prevention. It’s a nice looking magazine. It’s neither too wide nor too heavy and fits into your palms as if it were made for them. It features about 150 pages of information and some advertisements that add to your knowledge’s fuel tank. Imagine my utter surprise when I learnt that your pet is supposed to be smarter than an average 5th grader.


As it is parents are a bit too harsh on children and force a million things upon them and now this non-sense. The article informed me that for years, maybe centuries, the simple rule of the land was that animals weren’t capable of reasoning. OK. I could have lived with that. Then I learn that the bloody four legged beasts are in fact capable of not only reasoning but also possess intelligence, can be emotional and can plan. In addition they can also remember past events and possess the capacity to think about the consequences of their actions. Turns out that they had been pulling one over on us for years by faking otherwise!

OK so animals are capable of understanding a lot of things. Isn’t that obvious? Haven't these people seen Planet of the Apes or Free Willy! A recent study also found out that parrots can comprehend the mathematical complexity of zero, that some animals are proficient enough of metacognition- the capacity to think about one’s own thoughts- and as a result monkeys and rats skip ‘tests’ that they think they’ll fail! People actually get paid for such things?

There is an imminent threat of global warming, Narendra Modi may become the CM of Gujarat for a third term, India might become a superpower (how?) and that people could do with a cure for AIDS. In spite of all these I can’t fathom that there are places where precious time and money and resource is spent trying to decipher if your monkey prefers red to blue.

The magazine also had a series of tests to check weather your pet was ‘gifted’ or not!!! Get a life people. I believe in equality and advocate it as if there were no tomorrow but this is a little too much for me to handle. The only good thing that came out of reading the article was that I finally understood why many seemingly intelligent people behave like chipmunks in front of people while indulging their pets.

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  • Of course, it is warrented that since the world is turning into a terrible place to live and we are definatly overpaying the rent, animal research is important. Not only to them but to us.
    Since Goerge Budh's election, researchers have found that we may be evolving into animals.
    Hence, foresight and politicans require to see if animals are intelligent enough to vote. Ergo, the testing.
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