January 25, 2008

Blah, Blah, Blah= Blog, Blog, Blog

I'm addicted to blogging.
My blog now has a colorful logo that claims the same.

I was never the one to maintain a journal. I, like most of us (perhaps), usually wrote when I was depressed. Who doesn't like to have an outlet for all things bottled up? There wasn't a flip side to it; I was too busy enjoying the good things to write about them. Maintaining a journal that chronicled what was wrong with me wasn't the most original thing (god bless Anne Frank and may her soul rest in peace!) but that's what the norm was.

I gave up for it was turning out to be one poor trade-off; I realized I like writing but ended up feeling more depressed than I was supposed to for I wanted to write!

A blog's the perfect outlet for people like me- talented yet underpaid and overstressed. There are times when I have let go of an opportunity to take a pot shot in person for it's better to blog about it! Since I have started blogging I never say no to anything for (a) I'm curious by nature but more importantly (b) it's a great opportunity to blog. So it's not surprising that an online test informed me that I was addicted to blogging and it's at a dangerous high- 72%!

I highly recommend blogging to everyone, also one of the questions that helped decipher my addiction level; where else could your nonsensical shenanigans get so much attention and you don't even have to worry about spell checks!

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