February 23, 2008

My world isn't flat.

Perception makes all the difference. You can either look at things the way they really are and react the way one would expect you to react. You’d lose your cool as expected if you get stuck in a traffic jam, lose network while regaling an important call or as you tap your foot waiting for irritants to escape from the restroom. The other way would be to look at these seemingly complicated things in a very light vein. This usually ends up teaching you a thing or two about a thing or two.

A few weeks ago I had gone to drop my car for repairs. It was a nice day and perhaps that was the reason that i forgot my cell phone at home. I called my brother using the mechanic's cellular and my brother did a ‘me’ on ‘me’. He ensured that he confused me rather simply telling me that help's on its way. I ended up reacting just the way anyone would expect me to react; I decided not to wait.

I took a rickshaw back home.

Perched atop a rudimentary mode of transport, I took some time off to think. The long road that my rickshaw snailed on at was dotted with signs that the world had truly become flat. The cars that zoomed by were swanky, the new buildings coming up along the path looked as posh as expected. I was enjoying this more than I ever expected. Doing things that reflect a certain state or stage of your life long after you have crossed it often helps you focus on things that you don't think about anymore.

That one rickshaw ride made me realized that things had really change and kids, you know the more things change the more they remain the same! A decade ago one would have never found a telephone on the road I was traveling on. Hell, a decade ago that road didn't exist; ten years ago this part of Gurgaon didn't exist. Now after bridging the digital divide amongst the people, I still couldn't find a Public Phone to call my brother. I realized that perhaps Mr. Thomas Friedman won't agree with the world not being truly flat for India has 14.17 million cell phone users and i being one of them was lost simply because I had forgotten mine at home...

Coming back to my original point, I could have fumed at the pitiful (?) state but I chose to look at the brighter side.

I saw the light and as you would be aware, once you see the light things are brighter.

This could be a conspiracy on the part of the powers be to ensure we don’t change as a people and that our ways of life and culture as intact as ever.

Bet you never saw it like that?

Even I didn’t.

Imagine I could have just asked the rickshaw driver for his phone but what’s the fun in that!!

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