March 26, 2008

Double Trouble

Chances are high that I might think that I’m looking at a mirror rather than do cartwheels if my twin were to appear out of thin air. I am not sure about this but I read somewhere that if we ever come face-to-face with a twin, we might not be able to recognize the phenomenon. Though we might never bump into our duplicate, we do come close some times. I was talking to an old friend and got to know that she was nursing a broken heart.


She kind of broke-up with someone who was just like her.

Why’d you want to be with someone who is as good or bad as you?

Beats me but I guess I’m on a different plane.

This friend was with someone who was her polar opposite and in some time she had issues with that as well. I tried explaining the ‘twin theory’ but it just didn’t matter. She couldn’t get over the fact that how could someone who was just like her fail to understand her? This being familiar terrain for me, I tried to break it down. Failure to understand, according to yours truly, has nothing to do with what kind of a person you are. I believe that in a relationship the first signs of trouble for either person is when one is incapacitated to seemingly fathom the other. This makes you think either your partner’s not into it or perhaps you might be getting a little unreasonable.

Back to my old friend...finished reasoning with her heart, she was now wrecking her brains. Could it be that she’s feeling really bad for if the dude was just like her then chances that she’d have been the same with someone else were pretty high. Once this possibility came forth, things just took a different course. Now rather than being worried about how she was dealt with, she got momentarily busy with trying to figure out if she had done this...

Oh these twins!

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