April 2, 2008

Doing it...again

What is it with people acting surprised at the same thing twice?

One of things that separates us from beasts and other animals is the ability to recognize patterns. I was called for a meeting to discuss a film. The usual protocol followed- I reached early, my associate followed, one half of the client landed and then the other half descended. We spoke at length about things and I ended up promising an outline of the script in three days. Well the film is supposed to three minutes long so it's possible. I had ideas in my head and I knew where I was going. I swear I was on the top of things when my subconscious mind was heard telling my overactive conscious mind, 'Here's another NICE mess you've gotten me into.'

Am I the only one who ends up doing this?

Time and again?

I couldn't believe that a friend on blogosphere confessed to the same! I know I usually end up doing it again and again and when I realized this I decided not to act surprised. I transformed this thing into an occupational tool- I write a few lines, a page at most and then don't do anything till the deal comes through.

What makes us act surprised at the same darn thing? Is it because acting surprised was the initial reaction and subsequent failure to solve the matter would be reenacted if we replicate out basic reaction? What is it that some people can't get over? A few friends borrowed some money and for almost two years they acted surprised whenever I reminded them to pay up. I thought maybe the amount was considerable and maybe they have learnt and not borrow anymore. I was wrong on one account! I wrote about this very trait some time ago and yet I act surprised!

Maybe it's my line of country where interest to do something seldom accompanies the actual work you do. More over even if you arouse interest the money is never on time and usually become bad debts! I thought maybe regularity of work would make people circumvent this strangely basic human behavior. A friend from corporate circles laughed at my suggestion. She actually has some read good reason too; the people she worked with made life hell for her and forced her to quit. The company's work and rep suffered a little but apparently the kingpins refuse to learn and acted surprised yet again!

Last night I revisited Stanley Kubrick's 2001: A Space Odyssey. Watching what is considered one of the greatest films ever made propelled me to think about human tendency to act surprised again and again at the same thing. Maybe these people are the in-betweeners! Scary thought...but the sheer number of these people makes me think that they could be the future!

{am really surprised now...again}

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