May 10, 2008

Mind over Matter

Ranging from the mundane to the intricate every time some thing confuses, the brain answers the call of duty. As expected, the brain performs its task and delivers to a capital T. But like all things organic in this world, my brain, too, seems to have a mind of its own. Now days it seems like my brain, more than my heart, is divided over a horde of issues.

There is something about the outwardly intellectual that attracts me. As a child someone once asked me what’d I want to be when I grow up and in a nano-second I spat out my answer. Superman. It was the early 1980’s, every boy wanted to be Superman. What really aided the whole ambition was that wearing a red brief over blue spandex wasn’t considered fashion hara-kiri. You forget that it was the 1980’s. If it helps I had a sheet tied around my neck. Anyone could have said Superman. As soon as the word came out of my mouth, I discovered my brain.



Yes, Batman.

This was the first time that my brain decided something for me. It rationalized and rather correctly too. Superman is not from this planet but Batman is very human. Batman doesn’t have any ‘super’ powers but fights crime using his brain. Who knows he might be carrying kryptonite in his utility belt!


Well, why does he have to wear the bat suit then? That’s not the point. The point was that it made sense to be Batman as it’s wasn’t possible to be Superman. Since then it’s always been like that. While playing cricket as a young one I could have been like Kapil Dev or Viv Richards and play with a devil may care attitude. But you would have guessed by now that it was Sunny Gavaskar’s cricketing genius that I appreciated more. Even when it came to films it was always the Gulzar over Javed Akthar. You won’t believe that I didn’t seen Maine Pyaar Kiya till the early 1990’s as it featured Salman Khan, who according to me is closest to a human personification of any statue from the Italian Renaissance. The statue and Salman both don’t have brains.

Almost 20 years later I still prefer the seemingly confused Aamir Khan to living life king-size SRK. I still devour a Camus over Hemingway. I’d read the Reluctant Fundamentalist twice to and feign knowing about the existence of a Chetan Bhagat. In spite of failing regularly, Rahul Dravid’s famous cricketing brain is chosen over Saurav Ganguly’s winning leadership qualities. Every time I’m swayed by the brilliance of Mozart, the genius of Ludwig Van Beethoven pulls me in the opposite direction. The trained radiance of Rafi pales the luminosity of the prodigal Kishore Kumar.

Many times this predilection of the ostensibly intellectual isn’t the right thing. Once the brain decides on something it’s very difficult for it to chart a parallel course. Once reason wins any battle for you it's almost like writing on stone. Then comes the baggage of being considered correct all the time. The additional responsibility of being taunted every time someone whom you consider intelligent goofing up! My brain’s mind has started to question the choices now. The little people residing in it are fast turning out to be clones of Fox Mulder; they doubt everything.

It’s a matter of time before my brain walks down Revolution Street.

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  • leave alone superman and batman, the way you used to collect dinky cars and match box covers,I used to wonder what else you wanted to be! thank God you turned out to be what you are! you are that son who every mother would like to have -mummy
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