May 26, 2008

Pav in Delhi

An inexplicable craving for a Vada Pav got me all excited. When one talks of being able to cook 'exotic' food anywhere, it's usually Thai or Italian or Turkish cuisine that comes to mind. To be able to cook something Indian in any other part of India isn't high on the list thanks to ghar ki daal-murgi being barabar. Once I realized that try as hard as I may, I'd never be able to lay my hands on the typical Mumbai Vada in Delhi, I chose to do the next best thing. It would be the Samosa Pav that would have to do the trick.

pav that one gets in Delhi isn't the same. You might get the craziest of the ingredients to make far out foreign dishes but you'll never get a pav as good as the real one anywhere outside Bombay. So you can imagine the kind of Samosa Pav I conjured up thanks to the pav of Delhi. They were called Pav Bread!

All said and done the experiment wasn't all that bad as supported by the photographic evidence!

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