May 21, 2008

Thank God for the Rain

Freakish behavior isn't new to us. The Jaipur blasts are the latest in the long list of crazy things.

Instead of getting things done to set things right the powers be are busy playing ping-pong. The Rajasthan government says that the Centre is to be blamed for they haven't given the state enough power to do things their way. The Centre has maintained a 'dignified' silence on the entire matter. This silent treatment ain't right. The PM might be a gentleman but look what it's doing to the others. All that the Home Minister has done in the last 4 years is condemned such attacks and promised to be stern. He should just record a general statement and issue it the next time such a thing happens.

Is it the famous Indian ability to withstand anything and carry on in spite of it all that makes us look the other way? It's one thing to help the neighbor in such times or offer blood or come out on the streets at 12 in the night to lend a hand but my question remains why does one put up? First it was the metros which bore the brunt of terror- Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore all put up with terror attacks. Now things have moved to smaller cities courtesy Simi, Huji or whoever the hell these people are! Rather than really dealing with it the government is busy...well I'm sure it's doing something as some dude has come up with a brainwave to prevent such attacks in the future. As the carrier in Jaipur blast was the simple cycle now ID proofs are a must to buy the cycle! The government wants us to be eco-friendly and also terror safe so the best way is to ensure it becomes difficult to buy a wretched cycle!

Who the hell comes up with such eureka moments?

I think we need someone to clean up this mess. Sadly the rains aren't enough to clean this mess. Like everything else the weather seems to be freaky as well! Last night at 1:30am it started raining. It was a hard rain. It was surreal. I had Bernard Herrmann playing in my head and sounded like Travis Bickle from Taxi Driver as I thanked god for the rain. Even though the weather's been behaving itself for the last few days, it seemed a little unfair for it to rain in the manner it did at such an odd hour. I thought many would miss out.

God knows we need the rains to cool us down.

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