June 10, 2008

Smoke Alarm

It’s been two years since I quit smoking. Most things are the same as they were a year ago when I blogged about smoke free year #1 here. Let me tell you now I don’t even remember how it felt like to hold a cigarette. There was a time when there were hardly any friends of mine who could have pictured me without a cigarette. Now they are still smoking.

I am not your regular smoker who quit and now makes life hell for other smokers. I really enjoyed my cigarette and made no bones about the whole thing. I never tried to quit, never made any claims to do so either. The fact remains that I stopped enjoying it long before I quit. It had become habitual and surprise, surprise I missed the process of seeing the pattern setting in. I used to smoke a pack of 20’s every day. I smoked for almost ten years. Wait a minute! I always thought it was eight…. Wow. Now you see how the habit kicked in!

I quit simply because I got tired of the whole thing. Moreover my health started showing signs of weakening. Just before I quit I had the worst cough attack of my life. I coughed so much that I thought there wasn’t anything left in my system to choke on. I just decided to stay off the smokes for a while. Till the system cleared up. Maybe I could get back and rediscover the joys of smoking.

The little while became a week before I realized that I hadn’t smoked! Imagine the muck in the system. My friends in Bombay told me to quit for good and in a moment of false bravado I conceded. A few more w
eeks later I experienced the craving for a post meal cigarette. Barring that and a few more times when I just thought of lighting up, I never missed it.

The last two smoke free years has made life so much simpler. I don’t have to worry about my lighters, I don’t think of airports, cinema halls and other places to be virtual jails where previously I couldn’t light up. I don’t dread any place. Even financially I have saved a bomb; at current prices a p
ack a day would mean Rs. 36,000 annually. The last one-year has been better. My brother has kicked the butt too. We still haven't been able to convince our father to give up but like I maintain- no one can convince you ever on anything. A friend mentioned that their generation had zero will power when it came to smoking and drinking. I know that’s debatable but let’s leave that for another day.

And yes food actually tastes better a few weeks after you give up smoking. My regular breakfast looks better too!

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