July 13, 2008

Double Murder, Million Deaths

There seems to be a certain sense of callousness that shrouds most of us when it comes to what is happening around us. Why is it so? Were our parents the same in their youth when it came to reacting to what was unfolding around them?

The fact that this country is going to the dogs and bad ones is not an unhidden fact. I feel that many of us are not looking for short term gratification and forgetting about the bigger picture. I might sound a wee bit off for what I’m about to express but that’s how I feel about it. This whole Arushi murder case is nothing but simply the dumbest thing I have ever come across in my life.


I always thought that nothing could dislodge the Communists and just about everything they do from the top slot but it’s nice to be surprised every now and then.

Coming back to the double murder that rocked the nation for almost two months now, I can’t help but feel disenchantment regarding everything about it. First and foremost the NOIDA police really bungled up the case. Then came the trial at the hands of the glorious fourth estate. Cafes, schools, hair saloons, airport, traffic intersections, crowded public transport and just about everything in between were subjected to analysis by everyone. TV channels went to town making the parents look like psychopaths while the police tarnished the slain teenagers reputation. Enter the servant. Enter the servant’s friends. That was reason enough for NOIDA police to round up every Nepali domestic help.

Now fifty days later the CBI, who took over the case, have let Papa Talwar walk for they confessed to not having enough ‘hard’ material to pin him down. Wow! Fantastic! Someone confessed to something. The poor doctor is so scared that he has no plans of suing the NOIDA police for defamation even though Renuka Chaudhary is crying hoarse. The Minister feels that this would give her party another reason to go against Ms. Mayawati! Even now the press and people alike are sure there is more than what we were witnessed to. There is no doubt that more will come out but in a time when other things aren’t really peachy, does it warrant for a domestic quarrel to make headlines?

I was trying to make sense of the Nuclear deal while the domestic Sherlock Holmes’ and Perry Masons were having a field day. No one was interested in anything else. The media showered too much attention for I believe that many in the business themselves had no idea as to what the darn nuclear deal was all about. In the end I feel that the Talwars, NOIDA police, CBI and the all the usual suspects will congregate and agree on one story! The bigger question remains that most of us are just not interested in the bigger picture. I didn’t follow this murder mystery for the simply reason that I believe that kind of stuff or stories like a bus fell in a ditch killing a wedding party or a couple chopped up the third person in cold blood warrant the attention that they get. The more attention this gets it makes our reasoning impervious to more important issues.

Am I the only one who thinks so?

Will I be labeled heartless for choosing to follow the workings of a dysfunctional government over a father’s alleged character assassination?

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