July 22, 2008

Three Monkeys

After many days I am blogging about something that really got me thinking the moment I learnt about the incident. The entire episode truly justifies the title of the blog. The recent drama about the government of India standing test on the floor of the house is political drama that has not been seen in the power corridors of New Delhi for almost a decade.

The last two days have seen everyone from politicians to media personal to commoners react so strongly to the events unfolding that I have finally realized why nothing changes in India. Why the hell are we reacting so strongly to something that we see happen everyday? Three BJP MP's
walked into the Parliament with wads of 1000 rupee notes and waved it for the entire world to see. They say that they were offered this money by Samajwadi Party's Amar Singh to abstain from voting.


That's a masterstroke guys. You were so sure of losing the vote that you resort to something like this. I am sure that a lot of money has changed hands and I'm not taking any moralistic stand and supporting the government at center. But I am truly surprised that on one hand when you lock your flock to enure they vote for you and give them sops why cry foul when Amar Singh offered money. You took the money, didn't you? Now even if you took it to make a media circus out of it, you still did the wrong thing. Now why are you crying?

The BJP is asking for the PM to resign on moralistic ground. Well that's peachy. Where was this moralistic high ground when the whole sting on Armsgate happened or when Bengaru Laxman flashed his pearly 32 as he accepted the dough from stingers. All Mr. Vajpayee did was sighed a la Shrek and Advani looked the other way and now you want the PM to resign. get a life! Of course, all TV news channels are enjoying this. For once it's not SRK or IPL that is getting people to tune in! They are going nuts debating and counter debating the whole thing and acting shocked at the proceedings. Maybe Ekta Kapoor should think of a soap based out on the head honchos of news channels.

My take on the whole thing...Actually I think this is a last ditch attempt by the Bhartiya Janta Party to show the world that they too have have the green...so come and take some and please, please, please vote the UPA out.

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