August 12, 2008

Shoot Shoot Bang Bang

The fine art of saying isn't that fine. There is no such as politely refusing someone. For starters the essence of politeness kind of loses to the gentle perssuasive powers of the other party. Essentially what I mean is that even though you might be nicely saying no to some one or some thing, they will be doubly firm in rejecting your plea.

Try to be blunt and say no. First they will find it surprising, then mildly shocking but in the end they will contort their face in such a manner that you will end up being the monkey.

Ever tried saying no on a film shoot?

Here the word no has no fixed meaning. When you no you could actually be suggesting that you are pressed for time. If not that they will think you are agitated, they will offer you a cup of tea. Some times they might even you are bluffing becasue in nine times out of ten you end up doing just the thing you said no to. Here no one knows how to a film shoot no means 'let's just delay it for a while.

I'm out on a shoot and with each passing hour I'm told to 'why don't you shoot this as well...' or 'how about shooting that statue now' but I don't mind people pushing on a shoot. It's a nice place to learn what is really required. It makes a director understand the value of the written word. It makes the client feel that they should have read the script that was sent to them weeks in advance. It's on the shoot that stuff is rewritten and in my experience it's easier to forget something that you once learnt.

What happens when you didn't bother remembering usually forget to remember to forget!

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