October 9, 2008

Global Warming

I don't know if this is a common phenomenon around the globe but in India there are all sorts of people peddling all kinds of stuff at busy traffic intersections. You can find the craziest things at such places. In addition to the usual suspects you can find some real smart alecs with excellent sales pitch.

The other day a young boy was selling magazines. He offered me Time Out and I just told him that I don't 'want' to spend thirty bucks on it. With further ado he offered me the same magazine at twenty bucks. He reasoned that at thirty he earns ten rupees on every sale and at twenty it'd be five. He was willing to make five rather than nothing. Impressed I bought the magazine. At thirty rupees, what were you thinking!

Some times these people sell face wipes for the car. It'd a popular notion that in a box of fifty you' only find thirty. On other occasions they will sell knick-knacks such as string wound helicopters, cheap Chinese LED torches, bandannas and what have you. I always observe them as I'm curious as to what'd be the next thing they try and market at a traffic light. Nothing could prepare me for what I saw the other. I thought I'd seen it all. There was a dude dressed in denims and he had a cowboy hat on him.

A fellow was selling cowboy hats at Defence Colony flyover.

He was carrying twenty pieces in his hand. Twenty cowboy hats. He was selling cowboy hats. people were buying cowboy hats. The sight felt like this was the very evidence which prompted Dr. Manmohan Singh to tell GeorgeW. that India loves him.

Could it be that global warming melted some part of Texas and it floated away, only to resurface in the heart of New Delhi?

Or could it be the financial meltdown that did this?

What next?

3 Responses to “Global Warming”

  • I think it came from people liking Jaane tu ya jaane naa..and khan bros wearing cowboy attire in the movie!
  • intersting way of looking,funny
  • You have to see the panhandling junkies in US to have seen it all. They actually are very threatening & we do make sure doors are locked & windows rolled up when we come to a traffic stop. No eye contact.
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