October 31, 2008

legally illegal

Why do alcohol websites ask a person's age before allowing them to access the website?

Isn't it the dumbest thing one could come across?

The other day I got my father a bottle of Scotch. I realized that I wanted to learn more about the history of Cutty Sark. I scooted to its website. The moment I got to it, they demanded to know which country I was accessing the site from. Apparently they ask this as the legal age to drink is different in different countries. So? Even if someone lied they'd know it thanks to the software so why bother. All I wanted to know was if they have a distillery as its a blended scotch.

I just can't over certain things on the Internet. Why is the Internet so skeumorphic in its approach? Why do many sites still behave as if there are in mid 1990's? Remember the days when Radio commentators became television commentators? They used to say everything that one could see! Either invest in a technology that can really deliver or just grow up! If you think one is lying about the country then don't let the person access the site. I'm sure they can do that; sounds logical enough to me.

People are really crazy at times. They won't allow a nail cutter or a cigarette lighter on a flight, frisk you like nuts at a cinema hall, won't let tobacco companies advertise unless they sponsor bravery awards or sell cricket gear and music CD's but sell underage kids booze and smokes in the world.

What's the grand notion behind not allowing anyone to access a liquor website if they are underage while they can knock themselves out at a corner near their house!?

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  • Because we live in a 'make them believe' world!!!
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