November 22, 2008


What's the strange addiction to affliction that some us possess?

This came to me from the obsession I seem to have to stay connected. I will use the example of addiction to things on the Internet to illustrate this claim. The sheer number of blogs I check out courtesy a blog tracker is not as high as some other people. But the real problem is that some times I follow blogs that I love to hate. I mean I have decided that I couldn't care less about certain blogs but every time they are updated I end up checking them out.

I switch on the computer the first thing in the morning. By the time I get to the desk with coffee the internet is on and ready to go. And before you know it's two hours later and I am still surfing. Ten years ago I used to do the same thing. I remember the late 1990's when I used to switch on the computer the first thing in the morning and do nothing that couldn't be done later. Imagine this was before the internet. What was I connected to in any case!? Now when one looks at a computer it's impossible to imagine with out the internet. I mean I write and do stuff that doens't really require an accompalice called Broadband but you get the picture.

Since I started following blogs and online newspapers and E versions of magazines apart from keeping at one's own blog, there's s much to keep up with. Even if you outgrow some blogs or don't really connect anymore with the content why is that I find it increasingly difficult to snap the relation?

I used to believe that maybe my real life persona decides my online persona. Now I see the switch happening. I think my propensity to be unable to cut off the need to be conected has had an adverse effect on my life. Big words but not without reason as I still read about people writing about their changing priorities and how the world isn't a good enough place or how the kids did this and the kids did that or how six seconds of breathing could change your day and the list goes on!

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  • My problem is that I like to read the comments more than the blog posts themselves & they take on a life of their own.
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