January 22, 2009

Same Cycle

While doing research for a project I learnt what the scriptures really say about the entire life, death and the cycle it rides. Once Vishnu comes as the savior for this day and age in the form of Kalki and frees us from all the evils and what have you this whole thing will start all over again. I mean the books say that once the evil’s rooted out the age of demons and gods will descend upon us once again.

Fascinating stuff I say.

But isn’t this something that most of us already know? This is exactly the kind of thing that sparks off our collective imaginations. This is what our parents tell us when we get too happy or too sad. This is what you get to hear when you getting dumped. I always wondered what’s the point of all this. I mean we live, we blunder, we learn and we stick around to do the same thing again. OK. I can buy the notion that maybe some of us ain’t that bright. Some of us are downright duh, so duh that it’s almost ugly. Come on! Doesn’t it take all kinds to make a pretty picture? Anyway if we aren’t that dazzling and tend to do the same thing over and over again, aren’t gods supposed to smarter? Don’t they get bored of coming again to this place, earth and saving our sorry lives? Every time they arrive in some form or other they find the joint messier than before. They still go about doing their business and they know that they have to come back again and yet don’t make any effort to correct the ill formed ‘humans’ to clean up.

Isn’t the same thing happening over an over again? Some times it’s plain stupid and most of the times it’s agonizing but hey who’s complaining. This year’s not even seen a single month go by and we have witnessed the same things scams, scandals, bad governance and worse traffic snarls already. We updated our dictionary- Satyam isn't 'truth' anymore I want to ask myself why the hell I responded to New Year greetings so enthusiastically when I was supposed to be forewarned. Am I waiting for the almighty to come and clean my desk? Or am I thinking that he or she is going to finally jolt me out of my procrastination? It’s a little too much to dependent on the heavens to stop global warming or fight inflation?

I might not be complaining yet but I think it’s a little to weird to expect the lord to deliver us from parking woes!

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