February 25, 2009

Natural Vs. Man-Made

Almost everyone would agree with the notion that getting any award doesn't suggest anything more than the fact that you were the 'best' amongst the ones nominated. Some times it's the nomination that makes all the difference say like the Olympics- participation is everything. Yeah right!

So Slumdog Millionaire won 80% of the awards it was nominated for. Many theories and many arguments will bombard our TV screens and newspapers. The lack of ideas forces the best to come out in many people but sadly the same can't be said about Indian News Channels. One of them even had a debate wherein they argue and check this out, 'Can India stake claim on the success of Slumdog...?' Wow. If you think this makes for a good topic then consider this- the same channel, a night before, carried a story in its prime time news that Freida Pinto would be leading the Indian contingent at the Oscars. You see?

Anyway I'm not going to discuss Slumdog Millionaire anymore. Not that I don't have enough to contribute to the senseless debate, I have decided to be the ultimate consumer- I'm moving on! What prompted me to put this here was a message I read on rediff's message broad. This guy is hilarious! 

"Getting oscar does not mean its the best picture in the world ,remember that it is man made award not a natural one , i mean its not a 100 mteres race in which machines do the judgement , the people who judged wether slumdog should get oscar judged it according to their own sensibilities, and ultimately any award in which human's are the judges is a matter of luck.”

What the hell is a natural award? For someone who calls himself MIG 21 BIS he sure is the perfect poster boy for all things man made! I checked out his previous messages and they are some absolute gems- 'Nobody is happy in India', 'Racism is human just like anger and love', 'Millionaire in rupees terms is useless, in dollar or pounds terms is real millionaire!'

Bring them on MIG 21....you are a source of sheer joy and happiness in harsh times such as these!

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