September 14, 2009

Things I think about when I think of my stolen car...

Since my car was stolen I’m looking at things in a new light. One of the troubled areas this incident opened up would be my take on things. For some years now my brother has been trying to convince me that I’m a cynical prick whose pastime is to go on bursting bubbles. He’s not entirely off the cuff but the poor fellow is busy trying to convince me of something that I’m fully aware of. Although at times I might garb it with much sincerity to pass it off as extreme realism, it still is cynicism.

I can’t help. Can you with so much so stupidity around?

I guess the bigger thing that has come under the microscope since someone whacked my car is my personality. A few years ago I realized the importance of being cool. I realized that the only way to survive the non-sense is to be calm about it. Now I’m so unruffled, more often than not, that some times people don’t take me seriously. I’m not worried about the car getting whacked. I know I’m insured and more importantly my paperwork is right up there. So I jump three steps and grasp that after all the ranting I will thank destiny, praise the heavens and move on with life. The fact that I jump three steps doesn’t really go down well with people like Gurgaon’s finest- the police aren’t moved enough to lodge my FIR on day 1 of the incident. Maybe I’m not perturbed enough. On day 2 the insurance agent pushes the meeting by a day for maybe I’m not concerned enough. You get the picture!

So does being cool help?

What’s the point in being a dartboard for people to test patience levels with? I’m sure that work would happen if you get angry or stay hungry but isn’t the whole purpose of doing some thing then going out of the window. OK once upon a time people got really angry and the system rattled. I guess people are not getting angry enough these days.

A few days ago my brother mentioned a gentleman who has made his millions (inherited, maybe, I don’t recall) and now suggests meditating as a weapon of choice to combat the ugly truth of the world. Impressed as one should have been at this display of cultivated coolness, I lost a part of mine. My point being one should try to be all things calm in the center of the storm and not in some picturesque hill side town.

Now, since my car got stolen I know why the gentleman from the hills was so calm. It’s a natural reaction when you have your bases covered. After all wasn’t this that very thing which pissed the police about my functionality.

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  • For someone who swears by being cool and calm in most situations, tell me is the Gurgaon police helping you in any way, to retain that zen prescription you mentioned in your blog...also, is the insurance agent of any help?
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