May 6, 2010

All Out for No Loss

If the BJP was once referred to as a party of tentwalahs then VK Malhotra’s got to be its tallest tent pole. I might not be an ardent supporter of BJP but even if I’d be willing to look beyond prejudice then it’s people like Malhotra who force me to be prejudiced.

A few days ago when the sports minister MS Gill came out with a long overdue law that would end the long reign of ‘old’ politicians as the heads of sporting bodies Malhotra was the one whose opposition was the loudest. Not only did he cry foul but had no problem in teaming up with the likes of Suresh Kalmadi and Jagdish Tytler. Malhotra has been heading the, hold your breath, the Archery Association of India for the last 31 years! Suresh Kalmadi, as we all know, is the head honcho of the Indian Olympic Association while Mr. Tytler, when not running away from the law, manages to lead the Judo Federation of India.

How do you know that any proposed law is good for this country?


Anything that is vehemently opposed by politicians should be good for this country, which jokers like Malhotra refuse to understand. VK Malhotra is what is wrong with this country. He is so disconnected with the world he lives in that one wonders what the hell is he smoking! His website, yeah he has one and don’t be surprised for if they could get LK Advani to lift weights with people younger than this grandson’s age for a photo-op and demand a television debate then designing a website for VK Malhotra ain’t nothing, pitches him like the only one responsible for anything good in Delhi. Apparently he had sanctioned Rs. 4 crores was back in 1970 to ‘study’ the feasibility of Metro in Delhi. Okay so the BJP sanctioned the project in 1997 but what did they study for the 17 years in between?

Malhotra might have done a lot for Delhi but if one thinks about it he has been in public service from the 1950’s and even if he worked just one day a month that makes him poster worthy. But then my maid can also claim similar glory given 40 years time! He, oops sorry, his website also claims that his monitoring the preparations were the real reason why Indian sportsperson made a killing in the Busan Asian Games and that he is ‘largely’ responsible for getting the Commonwealth Games to India. You see he just got it so Mr. Kalmadi would be responsible for everything that can go wrong with the games.

Suresh Kalmadi is on auto pilot these days for anything you ask him he just says “I promise this would be the best Commonwealth Games ever’ and who is VK Malhotra trying to fool. Limba Ram, one of India’s best archers and the coach of the Indian Archery team, is a three time Olympian and till January 2009 was living in a garage! When confronted Malhotra, the President of the Archery Association of India, said that ‘Government must look into it and raise money for him’. You see he couldn’t do anything or held responsible for Limba Ram has not ‘complained to us at all’. So this is how the Archery Association of India functions, the President has no idea what the hell the coach is going through!?

Anyone who saw the Parliament debate on Indo-US Nuclear deal would recall how the BJP tried pitching VK Malhotra as the next best (wow) thing after LK Advani. The good thing is that more people seem to remember how Malhotra botched things up once BJP revealed that its members were bribed to vote for the government.

It’s not that a politician as the head of Sports body is a wrong idea. Hell in this country you’d find a politician everywhere but where they really need to be. Maybe it’s not a bad idea; if they could just be cordoned off to just the offices they seem to be stuck to the rest of the world would be a better place!

Looking at the number of politicians heading sporting bodies all Gill’s trying to do is get some kind of accountability and what did these idiots do- they called the law draconian and asked Mr. Gill to resign for he was old too. Guys this is just his second stint as the Sports Minister so let’s just hold out breath till a couple of decades before it becomes a reasonable fight! Maybe Gill should check out Malhotra's website where he claims that that the most important lesson he has learnt during his '52 years in public life that there is no short cut to success'. Hang in there Mr. Gill.

Click to get a closer view to stupidity.

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