September 27, 2006

the number you're tryin...

In addition to discovering the super patience gene in myself, the last few days have also been a discourse in listening to a pre-recorded message that repeats 'the phone number i'm tryin to reach is not responding or out of coverage area.'

what i can't understand is that networks spend millions of rupees every year to better their connectivity, basements in malls promise 100% connectivity but try catching a signal or two in my room and hell you'll be surprised!

I decided to join the CDMA bandwagon. for the simple reason that a CDMA tp CDMA connection would be fatser and cheaper for my girl-friend and me. well first things first RIM tells me that i have to wait for five days (oops six as the fifth day is a sunday and even god rests on a sunday) and on top of that i think i am soon gogin to end up with three phones and no one to speak to.

today i didn't get a single phone call or an sms. my phone successfully didn't ring the entire day! oh by the way i had the usual missed calls. as i lay here looking at the screen and screwing up my eyes, I wait for my phone to ring and to hear humanity!

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