September 27, 2006


These days time has a whole new meaning for me. Ever come across people who say a couple of days and actually don't mean anything remotely close to it? Well I've been meeting people who fit the above mentioned like a hot pant. Actors. yes, I knew that'd be the reaction but I'm sure there are the good ones too who say something and don't mean its ugly country cousin.

Like the old saying "Patience makes it sweeter" or some like that. One point many views! What if one would wait for years and be patient with a lemon? That ain't turning sweet. The logical answer being don't wait for a bloody lemon to turn sweet! Bot like another saying goes, "all good things come to those who wait for them..."Nice thought but there's a catch, "things come to those who wait for them but only things left by those who moved on."

The whole idea is those who wait do that for a reason. Mine? Well I don't have much of a choice but to wait and for the lack of many fingers I can only have so many in so many pies.

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