January 30, 2007

second chances, first impressions

all discarded lovers should be given second chances...but with new lovers. so shilpa shetty won the big brother thingy and stands to make millions and that too in pounds. good for her. and good for us. For our voice will finally be heard. That people will realize racism prevails in a country like UK. Why not take a look at India first for not only are we some what racist but also castist. Wow that’s a new one, Microsoft word doesn’t acknowledge that!

people have a tendency to be written off every now and then. in my case it's a little different- when i get written off even my reflection seems to avoid me, but this isn't really about me. now shilpa will get film offers, endorsement deals, books will be written on her and what not. her mommy has made sure that she has relaunched shilpa's sagging career. the film industry is happy as all those films that never had a chance of getting any mileage overseas will rake in more money, in pounds as well, in the UK at least. and thats really what most film wallahs mean when they mean that the film is a crossover film and will attract foreign audiences, that means all desis living outside india. just think about it now that shilpa's life is sorted her mom will unleash the darlin little sister. brace yourself people things are about to get crazy. and taking a leaf out of shilpa's book all mummyji's and heroines ki sisterji's will be running helter-skelter for new leases of life.

people do odd things for money and some of them don't who really don't need it (the money and not the crazy things) ...ah but they do or else how'd they manage to pay the society's maintenance bill! ravi kisen from big boss says things like my wife has accepted the other woman as a glorious part of my life so please don't ask me uncomfy questions about my extra martial affair; he can't seem to stay at home with his wife but agrees, not only to shack up 12 other loonies but also out smarts them to almost win 50 lacs. people who won't meet someone socially agree to be a part of such set ups in the name of fun. doesn't that tell me something...wait let me think...almost there...it tells me fun's right at home and i should not be looking for it elsewhere!!

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