February 10, 2007

loose ends

it’s the strange time of the year and i’m feeling very strange. i have notice that during january to april nothing moves. some people are busy getting back in the groove after partying and most people are waiting for the financial year to end, so they are busy making plans.

most people and i’d include myself in this list too, who make plans, are a crazy bunch. the funny thing about plans is that once they get wasted you can make them all over again. and the world has given us a million dates, opportunities to make plans. some times i sit and wonder do plans really work?

the biggest thing that i ever planned was my life! contrary to the poems, idioms and songs that suggest otherwise i too, like many of us, fell to the noble thought. my reasoning was quite simple- ‘it must pay to plan ahead for it wasn't raining when noah built the darn ark.’ the only hitch that i see in planning is that it’s quite flexible, the flip side of being the master of your own destiny. you end up changing it. most often than not the people involved, the external factors, the X f*#$kers are the ones who screw you around. like you are doing a film for someone and they don’t pay on time. i know some one will say that paying late is better than not paying at all. ok i can buy that but then if you need some dough right now what’s the point in sighing that you have oodles but its’ just people didn’t live up to your plans. there’s always the X factor.

i once read somewhere that hitler’s mother almost aborted him. talking about plans the only way i can sum up is look out for the loose ends…it’s the loose ends that you tend to hang by…

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