February 15, 2007

Friends, foes and sms

Ever wondered how time changes everything? Well if you are of the thought process that believes some things can survive time then please don’t read this… or better still stay and get your facts straight.

Some times I sit back and think what all has changed in the last few years and amongst them I can only think of people. Some accuse me of being a people’s person and I pled guilty. No matter how much I try and change I just can’t stop liking people. I get screwed over but still like people.

Like the other day I saw Traffic Signal. Nitu Chandra, the female lead of the film, was once a friend. I say once because I haven’t met up in ages. Ms. Chandra only responds to my messages when they talk about her and say something like, ‘Hey I read your interview…way to go’ or ‘Congrats on signing Madhur Bhandarkar’s film.’ Other than that she doesn’t reply. So does that make that a bad person? Not that I care but I can’t help but think…does it?

Most people start to change once they break through or at least give the impression that they are different. I can understand because time gets slotted and old friends means just sitting back and relaxing and who the hell wants to relax when you can make carve a niche and make some cool millions at the same time. Tell me would you take out time to talk to some guy you once knew or use that same time to haggle with Mani Ratnam’s office and maybe give an interview to times of India and do a power lunch with some dude from UTV? So you were saying some things can survive time?

The problem is that friends sadly are not like jumpers. You can’t keep them in cold storage if you don’t need them. But at the same time just because we worked together don’t mean that we was friends! I know I can’t base my argument on Nitu Chandra and how she got busy…but think about it…

While we are at it let me tell you a little more about Nitu that no magazine will ever tell you. She’s one of the most dedicated people that one would ever come across. I remember her that her diction wasn’t up to the mark and while we all would take coffee and cigarette breaks she would still be glued to her anchoring chair and practice till she got her lines. She moved to Bombay and made up her mind that she’d do films- no pussy-footing ads or second leads or TV shows. Very dedicated. The last time I spoke to her was on the instance of someone who wanted to meet her with regards to work and we also decided to meet a week after that and that was all that happened. Since then there’s just been a customary exchange of sms’s when her films release. And for those I get a prompt reply.

I think they don’t want to change but they believe that if they don’t then all their friends (specially struggling writer/ directors like yours truly) would expect them to do something for them. They start thinking that suddenly all their friends are in dire need of many things and amongst them dropping their names in meetings! A friend in need is a friend to dodge!

Don’t worry when I manage to break through I won’t change, I promise. I’d be so busy recognizing all those who changed, for they will suddenly start remembering me, I won’t have the time to change for the rest!

Let alone people, time changes other things too…like old sayings and phrases. Remember the time when, ‘Happy and gay’ meant something else! I rest my case.

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  • Time does change everything - When a person gets busy Time is the one thing that gets in short supply & maybe a quick reply to SMS should be appreciated - if it was ignored I would consider the person changed. I empathize with the other side as I am in similar situation where a quick reply to an email is all the 'TIME' I can manage. Cut the girl some slack Please.
  • Sorry - that was me Tivi.
  • i agree with gautam though...it priorities...and prorities change with time.
    i like the background much better.
  • Thanks for the comments. I have cut enough for people like my friend. I am proud of what she is doing- she set out for that and got that. I'd have been happier if like Columbus she'd have discovered a new continent but Nitu isn’t one of those who makes mistakes! My only argument is that everyone has the same 24 hours before and during and after making it big. So what one does with time is entirely one's prerogative. I mean Hitler had the same hours as Gandhi and look what the lil devil did!
  • just discovered ur blog by chance....started reading and as i went from one post to the other....I just lost track of time..and then suddenly felt that I must comment..

    Just to let u know that I read this stuff..

    Don't know if that made sense..

    but will keep coming back for more!
  • thanks for the comment and your visit chandni!

    looking fwd to hearing more from you!
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