May 25, 2007

He's Back!

What a man, what a man, what a man
What a mighty good man
-Salt N Pepa (Whatta Man)

Is genius what genius says?

Proving that he can get away with almost anything like in the National Anthem Controversy involving the President of India, Narayana Murthy has said something that I think will ruffle some feathers, if not the entire nation.

Today’s edition of The Economic Times carries an article called Pink and Prejudice. The article announces that gays and lesbians are coming out of the corporate closet. The writer questions if India Inc. is ready for this ‘Diversity Challenge’ (whatever the hell that means!)

It’s Narayana Murthy’s quote that bought a smile to face this morning. The Chairman man of Infosys has said, “It is an individual preference and acceptable so long as nobody imposes their views on others or does not infringe on the personal space of others.” No wonder some people might be rejoicing in the global campus of Infosys! Or would they?

This dude takes the entire bakery for being one to go by individual preference! After all Narayana Murthy managed to successfully impose ‘his’ views on the President of India for God sakes! So God save you if Mr. Chief Mentor don't like your sexual preference!

In any case I found the state very innocuous. I mean what kind of statement is this? Maybe he didn’t want to express ‘his’ views this time around so he ended up mouthing the usual ‘I-have-to-say-something-for-I’m-India-Inc.’s-poster-boy’!

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  • Well..I think what he said was a very smart one liner which doesnt really give anything away regarding his personal feelings on homosexuality while being politically correct!

    Even if he has "conservative" views on it, he left it at "to each his own"!!!

    Meaning, that he hasn't taken a stand in support or against it, so it isn't really controversial stuff
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