May 27, 2007

Wah Taj!

For the past few days there are reports in the newspapers about an online poll that will decide the new seven wonders of the world. Sunday's Delhi Times had an article that pissed and moaned about the fact that Indians are not voting enough. TheTaj Mahal, India's only 'entry' to the list is currently at the bottom of the list with just a dismal 0.7% votes in favor as opposed to Machu Picchu, Peru (25.5%), The Easter Island Statues, Chile (6.6%), Chichen Itza , Mexico (11.2%), The Statue of Christ Redeemer, Brazil (10.3%). In case you are wondering if this is some Latin American take over bid, other contenders include The Statue of Liberty (3.0%) and The Great Wall of China (3.9%).

The article went on to say that the Tourism Ministry is planning to do their bit to promote Taj (don't know what that means), A.R. Rahman has composed an anthem for the Taj (don't know what it sounds like) and the chairperson of some organization that wants the Taj to get it's due has called for a proactive stance (don't know what that would be). But what I know is that there are a lot of Indians out there and more so in the cyberspace who can ensure a place for the Taj. I guess it's just a matter of time for the last time Indians decided to vote they ensured that Mr. Amitabh Bachchan was declared the superstar of the Millennium!

All these articles crib about Indians not voting enough. Well for one most of us didn't know that we could rewrite history so excuse us for not invading the cyberspace! When we don't vote for trivial things like general elections how come The Times of India thinks we'll line up for such an important poll!? A glance at the list of nominees and you'll know that all the nominations are glaring examples of man's exploitation of another man. The Taj might be the prime example of love and all such happy things but it did come with collateral damage. So in a way we are voting for brutality in the name of whatever. Moreover if you write such an article including the web site's address would make it a little easier for lazy people like me to do something akin to national service! My googling skills notwithstanding, i searched for the net to vote and casted mine. Funny website- you need to sign up and you can't cast one vote. One has to choose his/ her seven wonders.

Whats interesting is that what'd happen if the Taj doesn't make it to the list? The opposition would blame the government and blah, blah, blah! Mahesh Bhatt might comment that we really don't need no western list to tell us that the Taj's a marvel. The PM might open a Taj fund or something for he'll suddenly realize that the darn thingy is falling apart or something like that. Now that Mayawati is back she might hound us to make a wonderful corridor to make up for the loss.

But wonder of wonders, what happens if the Taj manages to make it to the list? Oh nothing...just that the spirit of Indian culture would have prevailed and no one will give a damn after that.

So I urge you in the name of our glorious culture to please vote for Taj at the
New Seven Wonders

2 Responses to “Wah Taj!”

  • in case any of you are voting and want TAJ to win then please do NOT vote for the ones that are already leading - Great Wall, Christ at Rio, Easter Island Statues, Statue of Liberty etc.

    Because if you vote for them Taj will get more votes but will not be able to break into the top seven !!!
  • did vote for the taj.
    also more importantly saw bheja fry!
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