May 12, 2007

Millennium Mumbo

That thing about change…’The more things change, more they remain the same!’

Nothing could epitomize that as much as the night of May 10th 2007. I’ve been in Gurgaon for the past four years now and I seem to have had enough of this millennium megapolis! The raison d'être for my outburst is the fact that I didn’t sleep for a bit on that fateful night, as there were no lights. Yes ladies and gents, welcome to your worst nightmare. We’ve all been at the receiving end of this totally avoidable circumstance called power cut but wasn’t that supposed to be a thing of the past? Aren’t we supposed to be a mega power in the making or is it that the CIA has nothing better to do than come out with corny reports that say India is poised to be millennium marvel? My country’s currency is waging a war on the US $, the growth rate is about to kick China’s butt but I still can’t sleep for there are no lights!

Gurgaon was originally called 'Guru Gaon' as this was the place where Guru Dronacharaya resided when he trained the Pandavs and Kauravs in the times of Mahabharat. And if you ask me nothing has really changed since then except that from a jungle it has become an urban jungle. The real person behind this amazing transformation Mr. K.P. Singh, the media shy owner of DLF and the richest Indian. This national hero's company ran out of places to develop in Delhi so they shifted south and literally chiseled out this part of the city out of nothing! The National Highway#28 divides the city into two parts- Gurgaon and DLF.

Our side, DLF, is ostensibly progressed…yeah right!

The building I reside in is called The Exclusive Floors and trust me there ain’t nothing exclusive about this joint. There is no power back up as experienced in the neighboring buildings- Princeton, Carlton, Wellington and Royalton. The DLF must have realized their mistake while they were building this colony for this is only low-rise colony surrounded by 16-floored apartments and it’s spread over a monstrous piece of land. No wonder they washed off their hands before most of things could get sorted out. All these colonies are like little kingdoms onto themselves run by a group of ministers. A very intelligent lady, who does whatever the hell her little mind desires, runs Exclusive Floors. In the 200 meters from the main gate to my house, there are 18 speed breakers while from the main gate to Delhi I experience only 4. It’s been three years and they haven’t really done anything but spruce up a natty little park.

That night lying in my bed in a house that is worth 60 lacs, I was wondering, why am I sweating in heat and fighting mosquitoes when all my neighboring buildings have enough power back up to light up almost 5000 tube lights in their stairways? You know it’s the pits when not contributing to the global warming is the only consolation you can derive while braving an entire night of power cut in the month of May in Delhi!

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  • hi gautam,
    good post and all the best for the gurgoan glowries!frequent powercuts are for us to keep our feet firmly planted on the mother earth, lest we forget our good old days!- kavita
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