May 13, 2007

Half Full/ Half Empty

The previous blog got me thinking. Got me thinking about many things but mainly about myself.

People who don't know me might think that I'm one angry guy who seems to be pissed off at everything. Let me clarify for that's not true at all...

I'm not annoyed at everything!

Big difference between most of the things and everything! After pondering about my anger issues, I finally decided to do something about it. Starting right at the top of my issues I've decided to start a new blog!

Yeah I if this wasn't bad enough but the new one's not about me but it's about Gurgaon. The city of Gurgaon has a a strange's almost like that famous example of the glass being half full or half empty and the last blog here made me want to deconstruct.
Do visit Half Full/ Half Empty

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