May 14, 2007

The Bigger it is, The Better it Feels!

How long will it take?
Hardly any time…say 2 hours at the most!

Will there be a marked difference?
Not at all…you won’t even get to know!

Any thing else I should know….
Usually the bigger it is, the better it feels!

Before your over-worked mind comes up with strange notions let me tell you that the above is a regular feature of the usual Q&A before converting one’s vehicle to CNG. I’ve been toying with the idea of getting a new car ever since we sold the old warhorse of a Matiz that we had. I had made it clear that no matter what car I settle for it’ll run on CNG.


Try doing Gurgaon-Delhi and back everyday on fuel and we’ll talk about it. I can’t afford petrol anymore and if you plan to shift to Gurgaon get a CNG kit installed! My father wasn’t too kicked about the idea and my brother had a long list of useful gizmos to purchase before getting a CNG kit. So I waited. There are many apprehensions about switching over to CNG but once you take the first step it gets easier thereon. It’s cheaper, cleaner, reduces emission of sulphur, lead and carbon mono oxide in addition to other toxic emissions. For all those who’d cite the danger of CNG catching fire can take solace in the fact that due to it’s high ignition temperature of 540 degree C, CNG can’t catch fire because of simple exposure to a hot surface. Now, since my father’s Esteem has finally changed owners it was time to ring in the new technology.

The Italians are the world leaders in CNG kit and trust them to come up with a beauty of a thingy even for a gas kit! The cylinder is in the boot and the rest of mechanism that fools your car and makes it runs on gas rests nattily in one corner under the hood. The basic rule of the thumb with regards to CNG is that it doubles up your mileage for almost half the cost. This when translated means that my Esteem should now give me 24kms/kg instead of 12kms/lt! The price difference would be almost 30 rupees; 1 kg CNG is 19 rupees!!!

The gentleman who has the sole distribution rights to the Italian Landi Renzo CNG kits in Haryana told me that people are converting left, right and center. In three years he has converted a Sonata, a Toyota Corolla as well as a freaking Benz to CNG! The conversion’s more successful with bigger cars. He told me of a guy who got his brand new Honda Civic converted to CNG and gets almost 23 kms/kg! Of course no one knows what’s under the hood. No wonder you can see all these big cars with their drivers waiting their turn to fill ‘er up in the darkness of the night!

While I was getting mine done a good-looking dude comes up in a Scorpio and sheepishly makes enquiries about the whole process. He looks around a couple of times as if he were selling Coca Cola’s secret formula! I couldn’t help but remember all those sarkari advertisements assuring the working class hero that vasectomy won’t reduce his manhood!!

A few minutes later I drive off in a trail made of natural non-polluting gas that has 340% lower emissions than the diesel that the dude’s Scorpio burns whilst he makes up his mind. Looking at the number of cars, people traveling up and down and the lines at almost 97 filling stations that Delhi has I don’t think the Scorpio dude will take long to join the CNG bandwagon!

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  • Hi.There are a few other aspects that folks living in Gurgaon may like to consider:

    * There is no degradation that takes place to the engine.

    * The kit is fully comaptible with MPFI systems.

    * Four new CNG pumps will soon be commissioned in Gurgaon.
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