May 15, 2007

Ta Ra Rum Puming

The supposed summer blockbuster from Yashraj Films, Ta Ra Rum Pum (TRRP) has fallen flat and how; baring the opening weekend it was all downhill for the film. Maybe they knew they had a loser on their hands or else how the hell do you explain the TV promos that give away almost everything including Saif Ali Khan winning some race! I think the last time an YRF film did so bad was Neal ‘N Nikki but then that was a film made by the studio’s charted accountants. They must have hauled Mr. Aditya Chopra and told him, “Dude we need to show some losses! Let's haul up Uday and Tanisha, send them on a holiday to Canada and while at it why not handicam it and when they get back play the darn thing for just about the entire country!Neal ‘N Nikki still had the proverbial face saving advertisements that announced to the world that the film is running successfully and that they better watch it at a cinema hall near them; in YRF’s case at “any and every” cinema hall near you! Does the conspicuous absence of the usual ‘running successfully’ ads mean that YRF is embarrassed about TRRP? Or am I not watching enough TV?

I like Aditya Chopra; I like the way Aditya Chopra thinks and operates. I loved his Dilwale and can still watch Mohabatein from any point. The guy has changed the way people make films. Now everyone wants to do everything in house! If he finds something half way decent in you, rest assured you’d still be thanking your lucky stars while he goes ahead and not only plans your film but also releases it at every screen near you and your naani! The studio system that Ram Gopal Verma propagated didn’t succeed as RGV, I think, was only interested in RGV films helmed by RGV wannabes. But with Aditya Chopra that’s really not the case. It’s OK that he might finalize just about everything but he’s also produced a film like Kabul Express in which the director was give a carte blanc to do just what he deemed fit.

Chopra is a demigod who can’t seem to do anything wrong. Sure we all feel angry when YRF bombards the screen and leaves us with hardly any choice but to see their selection of the week whenever they come out with a film. I couldn’t be more surprised when all actors want to be the prized possession of YRF stables for they take such good care of them as if YRF were some leading chain of spas and not a film studio! But tell me something, if half the industry including your father worshiped the ground you walked on, I’m sure you’d also do just whatever the hell your little heart desired.

My only issue with this entire syrupy, sugary YFR family-sized lollipop is that it’s time they realized it’s a business and accepted that little dose of reality. This would make a lot of things easier for the actors who seem to act more while talking about the making of the film than the actual work on the film. I can live with the fact that Mr. Aditya Chopra makes films to make money, keep himself busy and entertain people in the bargain (Dilwale has been running for the 12th consecutive year now) but for the love of god I can’t live with the likes of Mr. Saif Ali Khan or Ms. Rani Mukherjee talking about shooting TRRP in USA as if they were on military duty in Iraq. Guys enjoy the YFR hospitality and don’t look so serious as if though you are doing art a great favor by doing it the YRF way.

Even genius can go wrong some time and just by putting two cute little chipmunks along with Saif Ali Khan and Rani Mukherjee, you can't make people throng to the cinema halls. No cute lil kiddo will choose TRRP over Spiderman. Till the next time Mr. Aditya Chopra decides to direct a film I can suggest an alternate career for him- considering that everyone goes ga-ga over YRF’s hospitality maybe Aditya Chopra should invest in hotels. I think Siberia and Alaska would worth checking out in addition to the usual suspects- Poland, England, Germany, France, USA, Australia, Romania, Switzerland, Holland, Brazil, Italy…did I miss some?

4 Responses to “Ta Ra Rum Puming”

  • i agree. the movie sucked!
  • but we all went to see it!
    that's the power of Yashraj !
  • when did you see the movie? you told me that you won't see and that is why you did not take me- kavita
  • I haven't seen the film! That's the power of Yashraj. It's so much that even without watching the film I feel I’ve experienced it!
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