July 10, 2007

Talk to Her...

And you thought complimenting a woman was all that it took?

A recent survey has concluded some thing that even a new born baby (boy, of course) knew all the while- 89% loved to complimented every now and then. While this isn't surprising, the survey did throw up some new stats- 67% of women don't like it when someone other than their partner compliments them.

Didn't you just flashback to recall the last time you complimented your woman/partner and made her happy? Good Boy! Now consider this- 65% of women actually believe that there ain't no such thing as an innocent compliment! A brave journalist tried testing the numbers; he randomly started paying compliments to unknown women and most of the weren't too kicked. No wonder men are afraid to compliment freely. I really can't blame them; try complimenting someone when she could just complain and you could be charged with sexual harassment!

This new evidence just makes things tougher for a lot of men I know. Some of them believe that complimenting could be the beginning of a very beautiful friendship. They consider it to be art and usually take it very seriously. Christine Webber, a relationship expert, believes that though it may seem somewhat frivolous, a compliment is in fact a vital ingredient for well-being. The trick, of course, lies in the balance- a compliment should make the receiver feel good about themselves, rather than coming over as smarmy or, worse, a bit lecherous. She recommends 5 daily compliments because they oil the machinery of all relationships: in romance, the family, the workplace.

What is it with women and compliments?

So they like them but would love it more if someone they knew complimented them more often? Wouldn't it make things so much simpler for them if a new crush just decides to drop the C-Bomb? Or is it that they'd like their partners to repeatedly compliment on some thing in particular? Or would they prefer if the partner discovered something new to compliment every day....OK every third day, perhaps. Hey that's a healthy ratio. Or is it that women like to work hard for compliments for otherwise why'd partners, who are notorious for being lackadaisical after a point, go to uncharted terrains to compliment something new? Where does this survey place answers to trick questions (do I look fat in this outfit?) that more often than not pass off as compliments but play otherwise on closer inspection?

The funny thing is that a French Wine company conducted this survey. Damn French! I couldn't figure out what is it with French men and women? Many women say that French really know how to speak to a woman- well if that accent can make something as stupid as what's your name, sound exotic then I'm sure anyone can be charming! The good thing about the survey is that they just asked a 1000 women and that too in UK. High Five, Dude!

The bad thing is that if men can be the 'same' are women the same as well?

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