July 4, 2007

What if....?

No matter what you do there is some who is better than you.
What do you do in that case?

You feel sad, you ponder, you probe, you question, you debate and finally reach this conclusion that what you are doing is better than the others and that's because you have a life. You have some one special to go home to. You have interesting friends who'd stand by you no matter what. You have amassed experiences that your contemporaries ignored. You have everything that your seemingly better off (professionally speaking) friends don't have....

What if what you are doing is the purpose of your life...?

Maybe you enjoy the journey and don't worry so much about the destination. What if life, in reality, is how you look at it? What if life really is more about enjoying personal pursuits rather than competitiveness? Most importantly, what if you have no reason to do what you are doing except that you are enjoying it?

Imagine your happiness when you are stuck by this revelation.

It takes time to sink in...but once it does its roses and more roses all the way. Life seems beautiful.


It was beautiful all the while but just that you started to notice it just a little while ago.

Then you get to know someone else has been doing that for a longer time and is probably better than you.

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It's like enjoying a drink...a drink that sets you free and lets you be what you are but drinking makes such fools of people and in reality people are such fools to begin with...

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3 Responses to “What if....?”

  • the blog is short,apt and conveys the point... its all in the head and that life is truly beautiful. your underlying sarcasm adds that little extra punch to the blog.
  • This blog has convinced me that you are very passionate about your work. Everything you go through in life reflects in your work.

    You are missing your "ex"-girlfriend a lot, its evident in your blog, so much so that you are sounding like her now!

    The last paragragh comes to our rescue and assures us that it is you and not your "ex" who is writing this blog!!!!
  • I'm wasn't trying to sound like my ex girlfriend...but then if that were the case would that mean that she could end up sounding like me!? Not that everything should necessarily have an opposite reaction but if it does all I can say is that God save the people around her!

    This blog was a result of a conversation with with a friend of mine. She was trying to figure how the dynamics of her life and I was being myself- the Martian by trying to offer quick fix solutions to everything!
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