July 24, 2007

Wrong Guy, Right Choice!

What's with this woman thing of being attracted to the worst in everything!? It's the bully in school and in the college it's the dude who is never present in college while in the office it's the guy...I don't know I never was never at an office long enough to observe women! Before you accuse me of anything, let me tell you I'm not the only who thinks that women attract the wrong men and women get attarcted to wrong men!

The current front runner the wrong man, right feeling madness is Jack Sparrow and though this obsession seems to be reducing but it's still very potent. You should have seen t
he happy-as-hell look on my friends face when I presented her a Pirates of The Caribbean-3 film poster for her birthday. The poster was all of 27 inches and featured a larger than life Johnny Depp on it! Imagine if it were a bigger poster....?

I wrote about this syndrome for Man's World and the article is out; in case you haven't read it already, you can read the article here. (Click for page 1 and 2)

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