July 24, 2007

Yikes! A Lady Pirate!

I love being politically correct!

I decided to find the female equivalent of Jack Sparrow and women if you think it was impossible then eat your heart out! I found her!

The woman in question here is Grace O’Malley, the 16th-century Irish Sea Queen. She was a part of her father's voyages and later went on to lead a crew of 200 sailors as part of her Celtic Sea “protection service.” What was her specialty? Well folks, she intercepted merchant ships to negotiate their safe passage to Galway and ruthlessly threw any “uninterested customers” into the water! She was (in)famous for being lewd, gambling too much, and cussing like—well—a sailor, what were you expecting!? Working moms you must know that she also had three kids at home!

This woman really kicked some butt, she once gave mid-voyage and when Turkish pirates attacked her ship, the men in her crew ran to her for help. Just out of labor she snapped at them, “May you be seven times worse off this day 12 month, who cannot do without me for one day!” Just out of labor, when the firebrand finally emerged on deck waving her gun, the attackers quickly remembered they had other engagements!

Image Courtsey: Canon Mania

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