August 22, 2007

Feeling Blue

Of late I’m convinced that newspapers, television news channels and the ilk are nothing more than spaces that can be bought to advertise non-sense.

Yesterday's papers claimed that somewhere someone had done some research and came up with this great theory that blue-eyed people are more successful than others. They didn't say that blue eyed people have more chances of being successful but they were pretty sure and go on to add that brown-eyed people had faster reaction time, but those with lighter eyes appeared to be better strategic thinkers. This tall claim is not substantiated with any real data for Joanna Rowe, who conducted the tests says, "There’s no scientific answer yet and it's just observed, rather than explained."

Blue eyed people make just 8% of the world's total population and more mover the blue in the eyes is due to low amounts of melanin within the iris stroma and this decreases as the years pass by. So if a blue-eyed person is to make good of this research then they have just so much time before they become the others.

Now isn't it really stupid to conduct tests such as these?

OK not really stupid but definitely unwanted. How's the world going to change or maybe even become a better place if blue-eyed people are more successful? The only two famous and successful people the article mentioned are Stephen Hawking and Marie Curie! So am I to believe that since the world was blessed by these two geniuses no blue-eyed person's obvious success has contributed anything to the world?

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