August 24, 2007

Why Don't You...No, But

5 Things We Should Just Give Up

1. Deconstructing Indian Cricket Team
Every time we win a series- test or one days- the press goes to town saying how we are prepared for the next one- test or one-days. But come the next series and we get a wake up call; to refresh your memory the Indian team lost the opening one-day by 104 runs. Of course the team management, which comprises of just the captain and two coaches (fielding and bowling) and an old excuse of a manager don't think it's stupid to go in a match as the favorites and display otherwise.

2. Cleaning the Yamuna
The government has spent a whopping, mind numbing amount of almost Rs. 1491 crore on cleaning the Yamuna till 2006. In spite of this mind numbing investment the river (visible only at places) runs dirtier today than yesterday! There is a comparison such as that once the Thames was just as dirty and today you can fish in it, so there is hope. The Yamuna's 22-km stretch in Delhi is barely 2 per cent of the length of the river, but contributes over 70 per cent of the pollution load. The latest plan to make houses on the path of the river and make two reservoirs elsewhere clearly states the obvious- it ain't happening

3. Schooling MP's
I can’t understand why the press wastes space; why the speaker even reacts and why the people debate about the behavior of the MP's. What's the point in saying that school children are better behaved than the esteemed members- what’s the rocket science in that. Most of these representatives of the people didn't go to school. Stop wasting time and more importantly the nation's money. The Parliament should just meet like once every quarter and get on with business those 4 days in a year.

4. Permanent Seat at the UN Security Council
Now that the Left has put the government into a spot, many would get an idea how to tell India to buzz off when we beg for a Permanent seat. Someone...who was it now, I think India's permanent representative to the UN, said that India isn't doing enough to warrant a seat on the council and I think that's correct. Every time there's some demand for Peace Keeping Force Indians fill the brackets like bees to a flower and when it comes to a permanent seat out comes the begging bowl. Not good enough.

5. Meaningful Commercial Hindi Cinema
You kidin' me!! With titles like Shaka Laka Boom Boom and Ta Ra Rum Pum what else do you expect? When films like Dharam are made people go ga-ga but to think about it that film is almost 20 years too late! The other thing often mistakenly considered meaningful is Anurag Kashyap but he too these days is on some trip and is responsible for films like SLBB! Be grateful that once in a while we get to see something like Chak De India and Bheja Fry other than that meaningful commercial Hindi cinema is almost oxymoronic!

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