August 15, 2007


The real issue with worrying is that we end up worrying about the things that we obviously can’t control.

Think about a problem; break it down; rationalize, if needed; jot down solutions usually in the ‘
and/ or’ format; apply as per preference. That’s all there is to solve a problem but we usually digress and end up ruling the game rather playing by the rules. It’s here that I propose a tool called LIFE-HACK.

For the uninitiated life hacks are essentially tools that have been designed to reduce the workload, save time and effort and make life easier.
Danny O'Brien, a British journalist coined the term life hack after he spoke to a bunch of geeks on their style and method of working. He found out they had a pattern; they devised and used many shortcuts to get their work done. O'Brien summarized his research in a presentation called "Life Hacks: Tech Secrets of Overprolific Alpha Geeks" at a Technology Conference in February 2004. After his speech the term caught on like a jungle fire in the blogging community. Close on his heels Merlin Mann launched 43 Folders, a blog dedicated to productivity tricks and life hacks, on which Mann invented the Hipster PDA. Usually it’s got to do with computer programs etc. but now the phenomenon has transcended to life style as well.

To out it across mildly, a slip-on is a life hack as opposed to a shoe with laces. Writing on a piece of paper rather than holding on to the thought while the computer boots and then opening WORD to key in thoughts is a life-hack. While the computer is on and choosing to write in NOTEPAD as opposed to WORD is a get the drift.

I have made up my own set of life hacks.

I don’t worry about anything for more than three days. At least I try not to. The funny thing is that since I decided on this, life has been giving me a lot of reasons to worry! One of the most important things to get through the labyrinth of an over-zealous mind is to un-clutter it. Most of the times the process of identifying and accepting a problem is enough.

The other thing is why worry about something that ain’t in your hands. The bigger worry would be if the fountainhead of the issue were in your control. So decide if you are in the driving seat or you need to keep an eye on the road for your stop might be around the corner.
One interesting thing I read some time ago has helped me see things in a simpler style; imagine “What’d I do if I were not worrying?” Most of the times this is enough to rationalize worry.

The best approach to deal with worry that never fails is to simply ask yourself...what’s the point in worrying?

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  • Well, you know what Mark Twain said, Gautam: Worry is like paying interest on a debt you might never owe.
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