August 18, 2007

Ok Ta Ta

Consistency should be a virtue…? Or should it? Came across three articles on the Tata Group in the newspapers recently. Ratan Tata has made sure that his company grows from strength to strength with each passing day. In the recent past the group has gone on a shopping spree and is now poised to increase it’s share in the US beverage market. The deal with Tata’s has been that they have always been very focused and moved on irrespective of whatever is happening around them. This entire ruckus about their SEZ’s is going to die and they will continue to do everything that one dreams in addition to making steel.

But what’s with Ratan Tata’s deal with consistency? There are a few things that he just refuses to acknowledge. One of them is inflation. Some years ago Mr. T promised us a car that’d cost not more than a 100,000 rupees. The engineers had a real challenge and were sure that they’d not let their boss down.

Years passed, governments changed but some things refuse to change. Now the fabled car’s delivery has been delayed and is expected to hit the roads by mid 2008 but Mr. T still calls it an ‘under one lac’ car. This guy is consistent beyond repair.

I’m just curious…I wonder what all has Mr. T said Ta Ta to in order to keep the price under a lac?

I hope the
mythical car would still have four wheels when it finally rolls out.

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