November 25, 2007

Grindin' My Axe- Son of a Gun!

Just when you think that the sensibilities of a newer generation would ensure a bright future of all things big and small, cinema included, some thing comes out someone’s mouth and changes your perception. Considering that India is soon going to have almost 60% of its population under the age of 30, these my friends are good times. God bless the Chinese when they cursed us to live in interesting times.

My axe grinds thanks to Sikander. Have you heard of Sikander? No, not the Indian name for Alexander the Great. It’s not the Muqadar Ka Sikander and not even the winner in Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikander. I'm talking about a certain Sikander Kher.

Sikander is the son of Anupam and Kirron Kher and like all 'star' children is alarmingly close to attacking a theater near. The deal with Mr. Sikander, noticed how I insist on calling him Sikander, just Sikander, is that he insists on being called Sikander, just Sikander. Not Sikander Kher, not Sikander Berry or even Sikander Berry Kher. He said in an interview that considering his pedigree the expectations would be sky high and he just wants people to give him a fair chance. Can't blame the bloke's intentions but must he make an issue out of it? His first interview and he says he wants no surname a la Dharmen'der', Jeeten'der'.


One must tell Sikander that lineage can only get him a shot at 'fame' which most star children consider their destiny. Abhishek Bachchan isn't anywhere close to the lofty standards his lineage commands where as if genes were really all-important then Hrithik Roshan's dad ain't half the actor that sonny turned out to be he is and of course it doesn't mean that Roshan Jr. would be as smart a director his father proved to be. Don't believe me? Show me one glimpse of Raj Kapoor’s genius in Mr. Rajiv 'Chimpu' Kapoor.

If you read the interview Sikander doesn’t stop there. He thinks shedding the excess weight (140kgs to 80) he possessed is the first step to brilliance. He also wants us to believe that he was the original choice of Saawariya. He wouldn’t tell us what went wrong but informs us to ask the makers to clear the doubts. Thank god he didn't mention Mr. Bhansali for that would piss Mr. SLB off and ruin Sikander’s chance of acting for him!

Sikander looks at cinema in a different manner. He considers it (cinema) to be all about telling a story. Really? I always thought of cinema to be the easiest way to wash clothes and once I also thought of it as the shortest distance between two points. A very opinionated fella this Sikander, goes on to educate the commoner about cinema involving a lot of sweat and blood. Good for you Sikander and for your sake I just hope the blood ain’t comin’ out of you!

Though Sikander requests to add a 'laughs' when he says he wants a 'der' in his name to be his surname, I couldn't help but think why these newcomers let such things escape their brains!? This is the second most idiotic thing I have read/ heard from an actor. A few months ago I read Shreya Saran's interview on the eve of her film's release. She was paired with Emraan 'Serial Kisser' Hashmi in Awaarapan and when asked how come her character doesn't kiss Emraan, she explained that the love between the two characters was pure and kiss would ‘tarnish’ it.

Man oh man!

Why…? Why do I even bother asking!

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