April 30, 2008

Liar, Liar!

This post is highly corny and is partnered by cheesiness for good measure.

{At least it meets the recommended dietary standards as suggested by the UN !}

Now that we have set the standards and marked the territory of the nature of this particular post, allow me to indulge in some meaningless banter. I’m going to say something that you might have heard a millions times.

Truth is overrated.

I know, I know we should all try and speak the truth at least every now and then if not always. And while we are discussing the subjectivity of truth and lies, have you ever wondered why lies are so acceptable?

I’m certain that it has a lot to do with the fact that it makes life easier. Sure it’s momentarily but it does the trick.

I was called to join some friends today at a…well...to cut the chase, some people where in town and they wanted to do coffee.

Did I go?


I didn’t feel like.

I didn’t want to be the usual one to ‘liven’ up the proceedings with my shenanigans as expected of me. My indefatigable belief of this being anticipated from me is a matter of a different debate and we shall get to that some other time. So I ended up telling the concerned person that I don’t feel like socializing in a group. I was told it’s understandable. Impossible as it may seem for someone else to fit into my shoes, I was duly excused.

Once done with the phone call, I couldn’t help but notice that there is a certain degree of stupidity attached to speaking the truth. On one hand it is appreciated but on the other equally important hand it’s always taken as token of trying too hard.

Think about it. If someone were to tell you something that usually people lie about, you would definitely end up thinking what’s wrong with the person. I come across as someone who possesses a pleasing demeanor. But truth be told, my social behavior treads the fine line between being nice and nicely scathing.

So what do you do?

Should you uninhibitedly carry on the singular pursuit of mouthing the truth, no matter how hard it might be? It could make you look like an ass but whoever said that isn’t an unmixed blessing surely wasn’t drinking. I once tried to tell someone that his way of life isn’t working out so he should, perhaps, change his general approach towards life. Anyone who knew this person would agree that the process of legally migrating to America would be an easier option. This was also expressed at a time when the bloke in question was asking my ‘honest’ opinion weather people like him or just tolerate him for socio reasons. I told the truth. I was thanked but it changed the way I was perceived.

If you ask me the general truth about lies then I’d say, truthfully so, that honest truth is definitely over rated. This has got nothing to with truth; it’s just that lies make things look good. I usually get more kicks out of telling the truth. My weapon of choice to deliver the truth is conveying it with a straight deadpan face. This adds the seasoning to make an otherwise mundane truth a little more appealing.

Ah all this to get around the truth and the degree of silliness attached to it.
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  • my favourite topic!!!! once a beliver of saying the truth at all times i am blissfully experiencing the beneit of using the reassuring lie. I even advocated it to my parents!!!
  • Thanks for the link!
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