April 27, 2008

New Age, Old Baggage

What is a sure shot sign of progress?

A while ago when the sensex was scaling new heights some wise people informed me that it’s not indicative of progress. I stay in a Lego like city where everything is named exotic. Flats worth millions with names such as Royalton don’t really tell the true story. The cars that overtake me might be better than mine but we both endure the moon crater like roads connecting all the places of our lives.

Times might be changing for the good but there is no real indication that such a thing is happening. While I sit and watch the wheels turn, I am reminded by everything around me that things are far from being as perfect as claimed by the great copy-writing. Try this for instance, last night a couple of us decided to top the evening off with some coffee. It was 2 in the morning but we weren’t really thinking about the time. Why? I was sure a swanky new established called the Crowne Plaza Today Gurgaon wouldn’t think about the time too. Imagine the surprise that sprung upon us when we were informed that their version of the ubiquitous 24-hour-coffee-shop shuts shop at 1am. This is a hotel that spent millions on the decor, promises excellent service and what have you but won’t serve coffee beyond 1 am?

A few hundred meters away another coffee shop beckoned.

The Park Plaza has a midnight Biryani food fest or whatever they call it at it’s New Town Cafe. They serve coffee- hot or cold any time or so the waiter claimed. When a friend ordered a cold coffee she was informed that it won’t be possible. This is a coffee shop but it won’t serve some particular things at 2:30 in the am! Personally I was happy that they conjured up freshly brewed coffee for yours truly but how difficult is it to make a colder version of the same? It’s the same coffee and the same milk and it might be easier to make a glass of cold coffee but then this is new town with a difference.

What’s progress when scratching anything new reveals the decaying old beneath?

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