April 21, 2008


It struck me like a blot of lightning.

Once I warmed up to such a possibility it became easier for me to accept any kind of nonsense. In the course of an animated conversation with my brother, we concluded that nonsense in this world doesn’t end for it’s not nonsense in a parallel universe. The concept in itself was so exciting that suddenly I could understand why nonsense and stupidity surrounds most of us.

Nonsense, by virtue of its definition, would be the polar opposite of anything that is sensible. Duh! But the real point I’m trying to illustrate here is the fact that even though most of are hit, not just touched by nonsense, there must be a reason why it is so prevalent. The reason, ladies and gents, is that somewhere (over the rainbow...?) there is another world where a smart person from ours would be the stupid one.

Now I know why the stupids are here to stay.

Banished from their universe, somehow they have managed to penetrate ours. As every village needs an idiot, the stupids are very popular, highly coveted and much in demand here. They are just filling empty space. We dare not shake the who lest we tilt the balance.

Can you imagine what this parallel universe would be like?

What if one of the stupids abducts me and forces me to cross over? Would I be awarded to some village to fill space? That is assuming that I ain't one already!

Look at what the stupids have done to me already...

The stupids are people who want to do complex things. They do this with amazing regularity and pass off as being skillful at that. They won’t choose to do the seemingly right thing. They will avoid doing the simple thing. Remember simple is over-rated. And the stupids are people like you and I but they just won't do it simple or normal.

Tony Montana, in Scarface, rattles off in a drunken stupor to the fine people present in the uppity Miami restaurant that they need villains like him to feel happy about their sorry lives. Maybe we all are Tony Montanas in some little way for we too need the stupids to convince us that it’s allright.

So the next time you see an idiot or any kind of nonsense, don’t get pissed off. Understand why it's there. The real thing is that nonsense is like suspended dust particles- they are there but you can’t see it. You get troubled because of its presence but then you really can’t do anything about it.

So just feed the idiot and allow him/ her to carry on and spread the joy.

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