April 10, 2008

United Colors of Rajdeep Sardesai

Every time Mr. Raj Thackeray does something news worthy I think of Rajdeep Sardesai. I don't know the connect but somehow I end up thinking what'd the so-called intellectuals feel of Mr. Thackeray's Big Brother kind of attitude?

Few weeks ago when the whole North-Marathi thing flared up Rajdeep Sardesai never really said anything about the whole fiasco. Agreed that he wrote something in his weekly(?) column in Hindustan Times about how the history of Shiv Sena and MNS and Thackeray Sr. and Thackeray Jn. but he never really took a stand when it came to his news channel. I wasn't really surprised by his refusal to take a stand on any issue. This is a guy who, reportedly, left NDTV when he learnt that five people drew a bigger salary than him even though he was the ace after Dr. Pranoy Roy.

Rajdeep Sardesai is a strange fellow. I never thought highly of him but kind of changed my opinion to some extent when he started his own channel (read a previous post here). Why did I do this? Well, initially CNN-IBN tried reporting without really taking sides. There is some difference between taking a stand and taking sides. NDTV's take on Natwar Singh's daughter-in-laws suicide was what made me change my opinion about the way they report. The anchor (I forget her name) was apparently a close friend of the woman who died and this propelled her to cry on camera in addition to claiming how callous the media gets while reporting. She of course, accused everyone including herself for good effect.

Back to Rajdeep Sardesai and his Frankenstein. He is a smart guy. So smart that he can write a 2000 word article and yet refrain from making a point leave alone any sense. In case you don't believe me, read his take on 20-20 cricket and you'd know! I always wondered why did he never take a real stand on the whole Raj Thackeray thing...? Finally I got my answer when I saw CNN-IBN beaming a grinning Rajdeep Sardesai informing me that the world is change and so is Maharashtra. He did this in Marathi. This was a promo for his new Marathi news channel.

Eureka moment!

Now we know why he didn't really really have an opinion on Bhaiya Bashing in Mumbai. He didn't want MNS to come a calling! There is a bright side too. He might actually get a reticent Raj Thackeray to finally confess why he thinks that it's a great idea to pack north Indians out of Mumbai. The only hitch is that now that Rajdeep Sardesai promises to live up to his Marathiness and make IBN-Lokmat a stupendous success....what happens to the people who think of his as a Gujarati?


Don't be. He wrote this while nursing his heart that was bleeding for Goa, 'Let me also debunk another stereotype: the ‘desai’ in my surname often leads people to presume I am Gujarati. The fact is that my father was a Goan, and I am proud to be one too.'

Next stop IBN-Susegado (Konkani which means take it easy)!

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